Third Party Solutions

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Excel Corporation, is an industry leader in providing third party solutions for industrial settings like manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Hiring Excel is a smart solution for many of your supply chain challenges.

  • Our professional and knowledgeable staff are up-to-date on best practices and the latest technology for warehouse management, so you can start building solutions, and seeing results, sooner.
  • We vet, interview and train our employees so you can skip the hiring process, significantly reducing your cost-per-hire.
  • Partnering with Excel means you can react quickly to market demands, from seasonal, short-term or special projects, to business growth and market expansion. We give you the flexibility you need to successfully weather the market highs and lows.
  • Our team is reliable, showing up where and they are supposed to, and responding to your needs in a timely manner.
  • Our pay-for-performance model means you only pay for work that gets done, which means maximum returns for you.

Our services include: warehouse services, dock loading/unloading, pallet sorting and management, product selection, assembly, labeling, security, and custom projects.
Learn more about Excel Corporation and our services.

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