About IMS

Industrial Maintenance Services (IMS) was founded in 1982 in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. We provide plant and factory janitorial services and office cleaning services.

Along with commercial janitorial services and commercial cleaning services, we provide third-party solutions for warehouse management and logistics through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Excel Corporation.

Our portfolio of clients includes corporate offices, large retail food chains, schools, rental communities, medical offices, and industrial facilities. We take pride in knowing and utilizing the leading advances in cleaning technology, so our clients know when they hire us that they are getting the best and safest products and services in the industry.

Since we work around the clock throughout the year, your office, retail environment or facility can be cleaned when it is most convenient for your business – we don’t disrupt the workspace, workflow or work environment. At IMS, we understand that privacy and confidentiality are extremely important in any business, which is why integrity is one of our core values.

We have client references with 1,000 to 1,000,000 square feet of space, so when you hire IMS you know you’re in good hands.


It’s a proven fact that employees prefer coming to work in a clean environment, but the benefits range far beyond improved morale. A healthy work environment with happy and focused employees translates to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and less stress for everyone. Not only do employees take more pride in a clean workplace, but it contributes to making a positive impression on customers, clients and other guests. Using IMS for your regular workplace cleaning means that you have a trusted partner with decades of experience, so you can rest assured that the work environment is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. We do what we do best so your employees can too.

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