Custom Industrial Cleaning

When hiring a company to perform cleaning services in an industrial setting, you want to know that you are hiring a company with experience; a company that understands the unique needs of your specific business. IMS has decades of experience providing cleaning services in factories, warehouses, plants, and manufacturing facilities. We can perform cleaning services such as mopping, dusting and disinfecting on a regular basis and/or perform maintenance type cleaning such as HVAC cleaning, window washing and floor polishing based on your specific business needs.

When you hire IMS for your industrial cleaning, you are getting a company that knows the importance of using the right product and technique for the equipment, surface or setting we are cleaning. You are getting reliability – we show up on time and perform an exceptional job every time. And, with IMS, you know the people that come into your business will be acting with honesty and integrity. We treat your business as an extension of our own.

Call us to review your unique industrial cleaning needs and get a free quote.

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