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Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Manufacturing Plant

Cleaning a manufacturing plant with factory and office space requires a commercial cleaning service that focuses on cleanliness and safety. 

If your St. Charles, IL manufacturing plant has multiple types of spaces, you’ll want to take steps to make sure the cleaning service is experienced and equipped for the job. 

Cleaning Factory Space

The most important element in cleaning factory space is safety. This includes the safety of the commercial cleaners and the workers. Much of this is intuitive, as cleaning should eliminate slip and trip hazards (clutter and spills). It also may involve industry regulation. 

Agencies such as the CDC, FDA, EPA, and OSHA will offer recommendations and standards for cleaning certain factories. Additionally, some agencies may require inspection or documentation to validate cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning services in St. Charles, IL must understand basic factory cleaning needs and industry-specific cleaning requirements. Otherwise, a company could face fines, workplace injuries, and decreased productivity. 

Cleaning Office Space

A good commercial cleaning company will shift gears when they move to commercial office space. This might include switching out equipment and cleaning supplies. 

Some cleaning products, for example, are necessary for industrial cleaning but harmful if used in enclosed office space. 

Another change that occurs when cleaning office space is that there are high-touch areas such as telephones, countertops, and keyboards that must be sanitized. Other office space cleaning tasks may include: 

  • Dusting window sills
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture dusting/deep cleaning fabric surfaces 
  • Wiping down door knobs
  • Cleaning or watering plants
  • Clearing cobwebs around ceiling corners and light fixtures

Of course, manufacturing plants will also have bathrooms and potentially kitchen areas that have different cleaning needs. 

A quality commercial cleaning service will evaluate your business from top to bottom, and it will adjust its cleaning tasks accordingly. 

Finding the Best Cleaning Service for Your Manufacturing Plant

The best commercial cleaning service for your manufacturing plant is one that knows or learns your industry and applies best cleaning practices to your facility. Much of this has to do with experience, as experienced cleaning companies will know how to access resources to do the job correctly. 

A premium cleaning service will adhere to your industry-specific cleaning requirements, but they’ll also do the extra work that makes your factory shine. Employees and visitors will not be distracted by clutter, spills, or dust. They’ll appreciate being in an environment where safety and quality are obviously prioritized. 

Finally, the cleaning company you hire for your manufacturing plant should cater to your needs and your schedule. If this is done properly, commercial cleaning services can become an investment that increases productivity and eliminates costly safety concerns. 

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