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10 Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial janitorial services are an enormous benefit to large and small companies, but many decision-makers don’t take advantage of this outsourced assistance. Managers might try to dedicate time for employees to clean outside the scope of normal work duties, or they might try to get those employees to multi-task. Either way, the janitorial duties are not accomplished efficiently or effectively. Here are 10 benefits of commercial janitorial services for your St. Charles, IL business that will encourage you to make sure you hire professionals.  10 Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services.

Employee Satisfaction: 

Keeping experienced workers is a challenge if they aren’t satisfied with their employment duties. Adding janitorial duties to a job description that is not janitorial can cause resentment and unwanted work. The employee has a primary job to accomplish, but they are hindered by the unwillingness of their employer to outsource help. 

On the other hand, workers who know they have resources dedicated to janitorial services have increased satisfaction because job duties are being delegated appropriately. In fact, some employees may feel that they are valued more when an employer hires commercial janitorial services. 

  • Safe Work Environment

A clean environment is not always safe, but a safe work environment is always clean. A primary benefit of commercial cleaning services for your St. Charles, IL business is that it improves safety measures. 

The pandemic has put cleaning and sanitization on many people’s minds in an effort to reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and other contaminants. While this is very important, there are other safety benefits that professional cleaning services provide. 

Cleaning floors and countertops reduces slip and fall hazards. Picking up clutter or things that are misplaced reduces trip hazards. Additionally, cleaning may reduce accidents caused by misplaced items or mishandled equipment. 

Lastly, commercial cleaning services do their job with a conscious effort to maintain safety during the cleaning process. In-house, multi-tasked employees may become complacent about safety measures, but professionals maintain safety protocols. 

  • Professional Reputation

Your business will not be able to get or keep a reputation of professionalism if it is not clean. Whether your business is in a factory or an office building, this reputation matters. Associates, sales representatives, employees, and customers/clients will all notice an unkempt, untidy, or dirty workspace. This reflects on the quality of work that you produce. Hiring professional janitorial services removes the chance for this negative perception and replaces it with images of attention to detail and a goal of perfection. 

  • Cost Savings

The biggest barrier to hiring commercial janitorial services in St. Charles, IL is cost because people mistakenly believe that it will save money to keep everything in-house. This could not be further from the truth!

Not only are commercial cleaning services typically cheaper when viewed by an hourly and efficiency scale (they do the job quicker but also faster), but employees are also allowed to solely focus on their own job. Assumedly, these are the jobs that are profitable for the organization and better aligned with business goals.  

In the long run (and sometimes short-run), you actually save money by hiring professionals. 

  • Better Use of Space

When spaces are cleaned regularly, they are used more efficiently. Having a neglected, dusty corner cleaned reveals alternative uses for the space. This may not seem like an appreciable space saver, but you’d be surprised how much space is cleared when things are swept and debris is removed. 

Interestingly, places that are cleaned regularly often motivate organizations. It might be that the value of the space is realized, or it might just seem like a better place to spend time. Either way, regularly maintained spaces experience better and more efficient use. 

  • Increased Productivity

You might be catching on to the trend that things simply run better when they are regularly visited by commercial janitorial services. This phenomenon reaches nearly every aspect of the business including productivity. 

Employees are happier because they feel valued and have an improved work environment. They aren’t suffering the loss of their productivity that would have occurred if they had to add unrelated tasks. And the business is saving money. It would be difficult to stop productivity under these conditions. 

  • Routine Service

Another benefit to hiring commercial janitorial services is that they keep to a schedule. This means no one has to stay late to clean, and it also means nobody neglects to clean because of time constraints. 

Instead, professional janitorial services do their job according to an agreed-upon schedule, and they return like clockwork. The advantages of routine services are a cleaner business but also less stress trying to negotiate when, where, and how cleaning will occur. 

  • Improved Mental Health

Because the work environment is improved and employees are less stressed, everyone enjoys better mental health when commercial janitorial services are hired. A clean environment is more peaceful, as people are not stressed by anything being amiss. Everything is how it should be, and both employees and employers can benefit from at least one thing that is accomplished at the hands of someone else. 

  • Lengthened Life of Materials and Equipment

Carpet, desks, chairs, and structural components will last longer if they are cleaned regularly. Carpet lasts longer because dirt is removed that would be embedded into it causing wear. Chairs and desks do not have dirt working into their movable parts, which also causes them to wear and break. 

It is amazing what dirt and lack of maintenance can do to a building. You might not notice, but the trim around the floors, doors, and windows will last longer if it is clean. It will be less susceptible to moisture retention and mold. 

Everything lasts longer when you hire commercial janitorial services. Services Tailored to Your Needs and Schedule

A commercial janitorial service for your St. Charles, IL business will enhance every aspect of your organization because they can tailor their services to your needs and schedule. Most people won’t ever see the janitorial staff doing their job. They might do their job outside of business hours. But every person will surely reap the benefits of your clean business.

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