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Top 5 Things Large Offices Neglect to Clean

It is second nature to clean certain areas of your large offices space. Bathrooms, floors, windows, desktops – these places usually get a regular scrubbing. But are there sections of your building that you have forgotten to pay attention to for a while? When you hire a company to do your office cleaning you won’t have to worry about these things, they’ll just be done for you. Hiring professional office cleaning for your St. Charles, IL business will take the guess work out of how often you need to clean and will eliminate the headache of trying to find different cleaning services for the various tasks. But, if you don’t, read on to see if you have neglected any of these commonly overlooked spots.

1. Furniture and Upholstery

From your waiting area couch to leather swivel chairs, your office furniture can play host to several people every day. Just like your employees’ suits or uniforms, office furniture collects sweat and skin oils over time and can become host to bacteria. Not to mention we all have those mornings when the coffee doesn’t quite make it to our mouths and ends up in our laps instead. Stains undermine the professionalism of your office and give the appearance of harboring germs – whether or not they do. Office cleaning must include treating your upholstery to a regular steam clean.

2. Air Vents and Ducts

The heating and cooling system in your office moves large volumes of air in your office every hour. Along with that air, dust, allergens, and other airborne particles travel with it. Air vents are magnets for pollen and mold spores, and if your workers have allergies, you can expect the sick days to start piling up if this important area has been neglected. As part of your office cleaning in St. Charles, IL, be sure the HVAC filters are replaced regularly as well.

3. Plants

Office cleaning means keeping all things clean, even your plants. A little live greenery in the office can improve air quality and boost moods. However, other critters, like insects, can also be attracted to your indoor foliage, and if you are already having an issue with office cleanliness, this is just another place to house an infestation. Additionally, dusty, unkempt planters may make clients and vendors wonder what else in your business is being neglected.

4. Ceiling Fans

Like your air vents, ceiling fans help move the air around in your building. By definition, ceiling fans are hard to reach and even harder to see above, and people are often surprised by just how much dust and grime collects on the top surface of ceiling fans. If they are not cleaned regularly, all that collected dust is flung around your workspace every time you turn on a fan. On top of being unsightly, those bans can harbor a lot of dust, pollen and other allergens.

Office cleaning services near St. Charles, IL includes all of these often overlooked areas as part of your maintenance plan.

5. Stairways

Maybe you remember to wipe down the railing from time to time (which is also essential for this high-touch surface), but what about the stairs themselves? We know the tile floors or carpet in our buildings need to be cleaned regularly, but stairwells often can go neglected. They receive a similar amount of foot traffic, so make sure this area receives the same treatment as the rest of your flooring.

These are just a few of the often-neglected areas to clean in a workspace. You have a lot of tasks on your plate, and remembering those hard-to-reach or infrequent areas to sanitize may not be the priority at the top of your list. If you are in the St. Charles area, let Industrial Maintenance Services take care of the tough office cleaning jobs for you.

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