How much does commercial cleaning for a manufacturing plant cost?

Every manufacturing plant is unique, which is why commercial cleaning companies don’t advertise a one-size-fits-all price for their services. However, there are some general guidelines to how prices are calculated, so you can do some of the legwork ahead of time. Understanding how the cost is calculated for commercial cleaning for a manufacturing plant in Aurora, IL will help you to reconcile a company’s estimates or quotes with their hourly rate.

Hourly Rate for Cleaning a Manufacturing Plant in Aurora, IL

Generally speaking, commercial cleaning services are quoted based on an hourly rate. For example, a commercial cleaning company might estimate that their services are worth $40/hour. That hourly rate may be discounted based on hours hired or the frequency (times per week) cleaning will be done.

Therefore, if you are hiring for 1 hour of work per week, you may be charged the full hourly rate. However, larger jobs or jobs that require daily cleaning will be charged at a reduced rate for continued business. Talk to your commercial cleaning service and find out if they offer reduced rates for time or frequency.

Square Footage and Floors Change the Cost of Cleaning a Manufacturing Plant

Depending on the manufacturing plant, commercial cleaning services may alternatively charge based on square footage. This is essentially like charging an hourly rate because the cleaning service is estimating how much time and supply it will take to clean a certain amount of square footage.

The number of floors can also influence the cost of cleaning, as cleaners will be responsible for moving cleaning supplies up and down floors.

Specific Commercial Cleaning Cost Influencers

If your manufacturing plant in Aurora, IL requires specialized disinfection techniques or sterile procedures, there will understandably be additional costs involved in commercial cleaning services. However, there are more common specific commercial cleaning cost influencers that can be expected. These include:

  • Number of bathrooms
  • Flooring material (tile, carpet)
  • Number of windows
  • Kitchens
  • High traffic areas


Understand the Quote and the Competition

When you are searching for commercial cleaning services in the Aurora, IL area, there are multiple options. That is why you want to fully understand your quote and any you’ve received from a company’s competitors. When there is competition, you need to make sure a company’s prices match the services you desire. To do otherwise risks additional, unplanned costs.

Make sure the commercial cleaning service is transparent and clear with its pricing and services. Pay attention to their experience specifically in cleaning manufacturing plants. You may also want to look at reviews or ask for referrals. Choosing the right company is as much about quality as it is cost, and a quality commercial cleaning company should deliver the right services at the right cost.

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