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Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service to Save Your Company Money

Just because the news is still talking about Covid-1, it does not mean that other common pathogens are taking a break. With the new year comes peak cold and flu season as people become run down after the holidays. They’ve eaten more than they should, had more to drink than they normally do and get less rest than they need trying to fit in everything that comes with the holiday season. We know that as the human body becomes stressed it’s less able to fight off the bugs it can usually fight and that means more sick days. If your employees come into work while sick then they easily pass on those germs to the rest of the office.

Why does that matter to you? According to the CDC Foundation, absenteeism due to sickness costs U.S. employers $225.8 billion annually, which comes out to $1,685 per employee. “Illness-related lost productivity costs them another $530 billion per  year, ” according to the IBI report. It doesn’t take complicated math to realize that keeping your commercial office a clean environment will not only offset the cost of a commercial cleaning service, hiring those services is likely to actually save you money.

Whether you’re just paying for paid time-off where you have zero productivity for those sick employees or you’re having to for temporary help to cover those sick employees – either way sick employees costs money and there are ways to mitigate those expenses.

1. Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

When you hire a commercial cleaning service in St. Charles, Illinois you’re not only preserving expensive carpeting and flooring, you’re providing a healthier environment for your employees. The less sick days taken, the more productive your workforce is. In addition, it illustrates that you are interested in the well-being of your employees, customers and vendors who work and or visit your facility.

Among other things, hiring a commercial cleaning service will provide the deep cleaning that is necessary for all commercial spaces. When you rely on employees to clean, they won’t be doing a thorough, professional job because they’re doing an obligatory task – one which is most likely not one that is on their job description.

2. Commercial Cleaning Services Deep Clean

Just as you would not rely on an employee to steam clean your carpet or was the hallway floors, you shouldn’t rely on your employees to do a professional job of commercial cleaning. That’s not what they’re trained to do and they most likely don’t have the right equipment or cleaning supplies.

When a professional commercial cleaning service crew comes into clean, they are using proper cleaning supplies for each job. They know and follow industry guidelines and they know how to care for and protect different materials such as marble, brass and even different types of carpeting materials.

A tip: Commercial cleaning services are usually told not to disturb items on a desk or other surfaces. If you are planning a deep clean of your office this season or considering using electrostatic technology, be sure to communicate to your employees that all surfaces are clear of personal items so the cleaning company can do their job effectively. Workers may want to take this time to also wipe down their own oft-neglected workspace adornments, such as photo frames, office supply containers, and personal knick-knacks. Additionally, remind employees to clear any trash or open food items from their workspace before leaving for an extended break.

3. Office Kitchens and Break Rooms Require Deep Clean

Much like your home kitchen, office kitchens and break rooms are hotspots for messes – and germs. These high-traffic areas sometimes go neglected, because no one really wants to clean up someone else’s splattered marina sauce in the microwave or some body else’s crumbs from around the toaster. Maybe it’s the idea we all have to do it a home or maybe it’s the idea of a coworker expecting someone else to clean up after them – either way it’s a turn off for most people.

When you hire a commercial cleaning service they can stay on top of these areas so they are clean for everyone to enjoy. With a new year comes time for a deep clean and just like with desks, your commercial cleaning service can perform a more thorough job if the refrigerator is completely cleaned out and personal items are removed from these areas while they’re being deep-cleaned.

4. Extra Floor Care

Holiday cheer means holiday decorations, and while they provide festive joy to you and your employees, it also means your floors may be seeing more abuse than usual. Your commercial cleaning service may require more time as live wreaths and trees, along with some types of décor leave behind hard-to-clean glitter and pine needles stuck in carpets and crevices. Add to that snow and salt and it’s clear this is a great time to give your floors some extra attention and it’s also the perfect time to schedule steam cleaning of all your office carpeted areas as well as scheduling your tile floors to be deep cleaned and polished.

When you hire a commercial cleaning service it allows you to keep your commercial office space clean and sanitary without additional burden on your employees. Start off the year right and hire a commercial cleaning service like IMS to get your space looking sparkling clean and to keep your employees as healthy as you can.

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